The Art of War by Sun Tzu and RTS games



Crazy it may seem, but I truly am fond of playing computer war games and one of the genres I play is RTS or Real-time strategy games where the player should build, gather resources, establish defenses, attack or defend. Examples of RTS Games that I’ve played are Generals: Command and Conquer, Stronghold Series, Medieval: Total Warfare, the good old Red Alert and much more.

In these games (even though not realistic), the Art of War comes at play and the only way to attain “Mission Accomplished” or “You are Victorious” is to be able to understand every single factor that can affect the outcome of the war/ game.

The Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu explains every detail of managing yourself, your troops, your enemies and especially the terrain or environment you are waging war in. The book does not specifically explain on what you should do, but it prepares you to handle every situation not only in warfare but also in LIFE.

31. “Hence the saying: if you know the enemy and you know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven (day and night, hot or cold) and know Earth (terrain, distance, life and death), you may make your victory complete”

– The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Obooko Edition)

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Parallel Universe and Imagination

What if a parallel universe exists or co-exists from our universe?

Imagine a universe that is like the universe we exist in branched out and is related to ours but every universe is unique and different. Different according to the way of life, decisions, species which existed, evolved and were extinct and other things that would make a universe parallel to us similarly at the same time differently. Outer space is so vast and endless that such thing might possibly or does exist in accordance to ours and us to them.

A really mind boggling idea indeed…

Think of the possibility that ANOTHER “you”, the “reader” is reading about this article at the exact same time as you but every word you read existed ANOTHER universe which has an ANOTHER “you” in it which live or exist exactly like you or differently from you… that’s just so many universe that it could not exist literally and or concretely.

Maybe SCIENCE could one day prove such thing but I guess the concept of PARALLEL UNIVERSE is as vast and endless as the concept of IMAGINATION.

Think of IMAGINATION being formed by each and every ANOTHER “you” in every PARALLEL UNIVERSE (which you exist in) existed, combined within YOU (if not concretely existed) and thus explain the limitlessness of both.

Just Imagine 🙂

Resources: “HowStuffWorks”: Do parallel universes really exist?